Add a Touch of Magic to Your Event: Here Are Quick Tips for Hiring the Best Magicians

Add a Touch of Magic to Your Event: Here Are Quick Tips for Hiring the Best Magicians

There is only one true way of making your event magical – hire a magician! It doesn’t matter the type of event you are planning, whether it is a corporate function, a wedding or a kid’s birthday, the best events entertainment today is not just the conventional formula of food, drinks and music. Magicians provide one of the best live shows that often leave their audience stunned by their unbelievable tricks. So if you are having an event coming up in Sydney, here are great tips for the best magician hire Sydney has for you.

Types of services magicians offer

While all magicians can do card tricks and fool you with their stunts that defy the laws of nature, these entertainers specialize on performing at different events that require various types of magic to suit their audience. Here are some typical Sydney magician hire services you should know…

 Wedding magic

Wedding magicians are fast gaining popularity not only on Sydney but all over the world as well. A magic show at a wedding reception is the best way to “break the ice” by amazing the guests. For wedding magic, you should consider choosing a magician who provides close-up magic and can easily wonder from one table to the other while performing tricks.

Table magic

Table magic as you can imagine is a magical performance for a group of people around a table. Magicians who perform table magic will often perform small acts like card tricks, objects changing shapes or disappearing and appearing all in the hands of the audience. Table magicians don’t need lots of props and can perform primarily at any event or venue.

Corporate magic

Magic acts are also popular at corporate events as they help ease the tension and take the guests out of their comfort zones. Depending on the size of the crowd and the venue, the magicians can perform all types of acts including mini acts from table to table or do the whole show from a well-set stage. When looking for a corporate magician hire Sydney has today, be sure to consider the size of your event and the venue.

Kids’ Magic

For children’s birthday parties and other activities, you should find a magician who specializes on safe tricks for kids and can also wear a costume – kids love them!

Once you are aware of the types of magician hire in Sydney and the events they specialize in, it gets easier when choosing the right entertainer for your event. You should always make sure to consider your audience as it would be a disaster to hire a kids’ magician at an adult/corporate party.

Where to find the best magician in Sydney

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